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5 Reasons Writing by Committee is a Terrible Practice

How many people does it take to write a grant proposal?

Grant Writing 101

Do you want to know the top three reasons grant seekers fail to land an award? First, the applicant's work does not match the funder's priorities. Second, the applicant does not follow directions about when and how to submit a proposal, and third, the applicant fails to communicate with the funder before and after the application process.

The reasons for these mistakes are as diverse as the organizations that make them. Based on my professional experience, here are a few guesses why the mistakes persist:

Article Roundup: How to Make Your Workplace More Efficient

The following is a small but powerful mix of articles about workplace efficiency ranging from technology to human relationships. We can never do too much to increase our overall outputs and outcomes.

If you have some good articles of your own to share, drop their links in the Comments.

How to Run a Good Volunteer Program

Martin Luther King Day has evolved into a National Day of Service. I am proud to note I was with Youth Service America at the time they were setting up the framework for it. YSA is also the original force behind Global Youth Service Day, and while it is uplifting to see attention called to community involvement, we should use the occasion to consider what becomes of these volunteers when the spotlight has moved on.


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