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It's Time to Drop the Jargon

Have you ever gotten lost in a group discussion? It’s okay in a social setting where it’s possible to ask questions among peers, but in a one-way communication with customers, such as product landing pages and/or press releases, you need to eliminate all ambiguity.

Jargon is terminology unique to a specific subject. Only groups with a special interest in the topic will find the esoteric language enjoyable. For the rest of us, the insider terms are likely to come across as jibberish.

How Can Authors and Other Public Figures Protect Their Personal Privacy?

The first step is to determine what constitutes “personal.” Do you care if your audience knows where you live, where you went to school, who you worked for, and what your hobbies are? It will be a lot easier to set boundaries if you know what is out of bounds. Remember every detail you publish is one starting point for a breadcrumb trail.

Use Controversy to Your Advantage

How do you make a splash and make people take notice of your operation?

Think about your favorite book or movie for a moment. What was it about the plot you found intriguing and still makes you revisit it from time to time?

You may have considered the characters, the excellent writing, maybe the awesome special effects? Perhaps, but the primary driver behind any good plot is ... conflict!

A Great Example of Engaging Marketing

Here’s an example of engaging marketing from the folks over at Saddleback Leather. If you’re not familiar with the company, they are well-known for selling rugged briefcases, satchels, wallets, etc. with a 100-year warranty. They are so convinced of their bags’ durability that they feel your grandchildren will be fighting over your bag long after you’re dead.

On their FAQ page you can read the following:

What's Wrong with this Classified Ad?

How much effort would you put into a classified ad? They’re usually short, easily scanned , and if not done correctly, forgettable.

Consider the ad below, posted on Having posted ads there before, I can tell you advertisers pay $5 for a large text block.

So, given that, how compelling would you judge the following ad to be?

Your Small Business Needs a Website

If your business matters, it needs a website. Brick and mortar Shops understand the value of window displays to entice passing customers. The same concept applies to entrepreneurs in the 21st century.

Never settle for less when your business could explode into something larger. A one-man handyman company, a mom-and-pop bakery, and a jewelry maker could all expand if given enough customer appeal.
Running a website takes a little time and patience. It alone will not uncover a fountain of leads, but it's one major step to engaging potential customers in this interactive age.

Why you should publish your own e-newsletter

By Bob Bly

This article appears courtesy of Bob Bly Direct Response Letter,

Dear Direct Response Letter Subscriber:

There are a number of different business models for making money on the Internet.

Of these, my favorite - and the one I recommend to those who want to sell information products, dietary supplements, or just about any other product online today - is the "Agora Model."

The Agora Model is an online marketing methodology pioneered by Agora Publishing.

Blogs vs. Newsletters

Are you using a blog or newsletter to reach your audience? In the next post I'll reprint an article outlining the benefits of a newsletter. As you can see, I chose to go the blog route for ACS, and so far I have no regrets.

There is no right or wrong to choosing a blog, a newsletter, or a combination of both. Either format can help you maintain communication with customers. If you dedicate yourself to offering products of value, and not just thinly veiled sales pitches, the blog or newsletter can strengthen your credibility in the eyes of your subscribers and visitors.


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