You may be interested in our proofreading service if:

  • You're about to submit a proposal and want a critical eye to test it for inconsistencies and other weaknesses.
  • You have a document that will be widely disseminated and want to make sure its publication will not embarrass the company.
  • You need the assistance of a professional copywriter but cannot justify the cost for work from scratch.
  • The original author is unavailable, and you need someone to carry the product through completion.

When we proofread, we perform a line edit to check for:

  • formatting;
  • spelling;
  • grammar and punctuation; and
  • proper syntax.

A Few Notes

  • We use Microsoft Word's Track Changes features to mark and fix errors.
  • We perform our comprehensive proofreading service according to the conventions of the assignment type. We would never evaluate a grant proposal the way we would a business plan and vice versa.
  • If the document is of poor quality, we will offer to rewrite the document according to normal rates for that assignment.
  • At the end of the assignment, you will receive the original file accompanied by a second file with our revisions.