Online Marketing

You may be interested in online marketing if:

  • You want to increase sales and subscription conversions.
  • You want to keep existing customers and stakeholders actively engaged.
  • You want to produce fresh content for higher visibility in the search rankings.
  • You want a consistent message that builds your brand and resonates with your mission statement.
  • You want to expand and maintain your leadership in your industry.


Blogs provide a conversational vehicle to keep customers and stakeholders actively engaged. Blog posts range in length and cover topics relevant to the company's product or industry.

We can supply blog posts that:

  • lead with compelling headlines;
  • use optimal keywords without sacrificing clarity;
  • promote specific action steps;
  • strategically Drive traffic to products or services;
  • link to internal and external resources for a maximum life cycle; and
  • encourage feedback and discussion.

Case Studies

Your customers may or may not pay attention to the quick testimonial quotations you've scattered in your materials. Worse, they may not believe them, but an extended success story will go a long way in cultivating confidence in your service.

Case studies are engaging stories designed to show how a customer's problem was solved with your assistance. They are real world depictions of your product in action and have a huge potential to build credibility among customers who are on the verge of choosing you over someone else. Unlike a white paper, case studies are free of technical jargon and use creative devices to mirror the scenarios potential customers may be facing.

Case studies will answer the following:

  • Who is the customer?
  • What was the problem?
  • What competing products were considered, and why were they rejected?
  • Why was your solution accepted?
  • How was your product used?
  • What are the results and benefits?
  • Would the customer recommend the product to someone else?


Newsletters are an effective means of communicating bite-size articles using a one-way channel. They can be used for employee communications, customer outreach, and sales. Newsletters are a little more formal than their blog cousin, perfect for the subscriber who just wants the no-nonsense facts sent straight to their inbox.

We can write newsletter articles that:

  • showcase the benefits of your new product;
  • spotlight recent developments and special events at your company;
  • leverage helpful tips and how-to's;
  • promote case studies or customer testimonials; and
  • bring distinction to key company milestones.

Landing Pages

There are no second chances to make a first impression. Give your product the spotlight it deserves with a landing page designed to inspire action.

Landing page elements may include:

  • motivational headlines;
  • product summary;
  • product description;
  • customer testimonials, or case studies; and
  • a clear call to action.