Nonprofit Development

You should consider us for nonprofit development services if:

  • You need a development expert but cannot accommodate a full-time salary and benefits.
  • You are under pressure to generate more funds for your organization with limited resources.
  • You cannot justify the expense of subscribing to special databases for funding research.
  • You would rather someone else tackle grants so your staff can actually run your programs.
  • You want a fresh perspective to sell your programs and initiatives.
  • You need someone who can listen to your vision and translate it into persuasive narratives.

Funding Research

Existing grant writers at all levels will appreciate the flexibility of having grant leads brought to them. Identifying opportunities that properly fit the work of the organization is half the battle. Take advantage of this opportunity to bypass the research and get straight to the writing. We utilize a number of databases and comb the web daily to ensure we are on top of the funding opportunities that match your field, geography, and target audience.

As part of this service we will provide a pack of four strategically chosen funder profiles. Each profile will include:

  • Contact information
  • Relevant program description
  • Deadline notice
  • Method of submission
  • List of previous grantees (if available)
  • Analysis of how the program coincides with your organization’s mission.

We will never:

  • spit out newsletters with random announcements;
  • give you foundations that do not accept unsolicited proposals; or
  • point you to opportunities with a deadline within 5 business days.

Letters of Introduction

A letter of inquiry (LOI)--also known as a letter of inquiry or concept paper--is a concise grant proposal, usually two to four pages long. Written in letterform, it is primarily targeted to foundations and corporations and can either be used as the sole decision mechanism or as a screening tool for full proposals.

AlphaComm Strategies will review the funder’s guidelines on LOI submissions. If the guidelines are ambiguous or open-ended, we will follow our standard format which has proven successful in conveying the key elements of a proposal.

These elements include:

  • Proposal summary
  • Sponsor appeal
  • Description of the problem
  • Proposed solution
  • Explanation of capabilities/experience
  • Budget details
  • Closing remarks

Grant Writing

Grants are financial awards from a government agency, foundation or corporation to an organization to carry out a public purpose. A grant proposal may be written to obtain general operating support, for capital improvements, or to request funding for a specific program. It is up to the applicant to clearly identify the problem, offer ways to resolve the issue and explain how they, the applicant, are in the unique position to yield the best outcome.

We can:

  • develop and maintain a grant application calendar for each stage of the grant submission;
  • review, interpret, and adhere to funding guidelines set forth by the funder;
  • research, write, and organize the information for submission;
  • work with individual staff and program management to develop new proposals and prepare reports for existing awards;
  • serve as the clearinghouse for all grants submitted by the grant seeker; and
  • communicate relevant grant information with Agency programs/departments and all appropriate internal users.