How to Save Money on Copywriting

Copywriters are creative. We're generally not the sharpest tools when it comes to numbers, but a well-written contract can ensure the pricing terms are usually in our favor. It's what makes a capitalist society thrive, and the situation would be the same if our roles were reversed. Fortunately, I’m a nice guy and will suggest several ways you can keep your budget manageable, at least where copywriting is concerned.

Do your own research. The more information I have to find for myself, the more time I get to add to your invoice, and when I say "research," I mean good research, not half-baked data that forces me to go out and do my own hunting to make your final product stand tall. Look at the information you're about to send me. If you knew nothing about your organization or the project, would that information be enough to run with?

Lock away the Chatty Kathy. Copywriters love to receive as much background information as possible to produce great work, but if you start to meander into tangents about what your cute kitty cat Coco did yesterday, this too will find its way to your bill. Just the facts, ma'am, because when I'm billing you by the hour, my time really is more valuable than yours.

Divide and conquer. It's okay to use in-house staff to do the graphic and web design. You hire a painter to paint, a lawyer to sue, and a tutor to teach. Can we provide services beyond copywriting? Certainly, but guess who's picking up the tab? ... You betcha!

Be up front from the get-go. As your copywriter, I am something of an ambassador to your cause. I need to work with the pieces you give me to create a compelling picture. Spare us both the time and embarrassment of uncovering flaws in your product, service or program later on in the process. Our interactions are 100% confidential, and although I would never help you lie to your audience, I can help you find ways to overcome deficiencies in what we're selling.

Why would I be forthcoming about keeping your bill low? I may work for Company X or Organization Y, but my interactions occur between individuals at those places. If I want to succeed at maintaining long-term partnerships, it's in my best interest to help these people get a good product for the best deal. You may choose to ignore my tips and accept the final invoice for what it is, but the bill will be produced and paid based on a relationship of candor.

Did I miss a way I can help you keep your invoice to a minimum? If so, let’s talk about it!

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