Article Roundup: How to Make Your Workplace More Efficient

The following is a small but powerful mix of articles about workplace efficiency ranging from technology to human relationships. We can never do too much to increase our overall outputs and outcomes.

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10 ways to make your business more efficient

If your business isn’t running at top efficiency, you’re failing. In today’s world of instant access, social networking, and constant connection, working with inefficient systems and software could quickly lead to a series of micro-fractures that can bring your company to its knees. Though you may not see it happening at first, at some point the failure will become obvious. Read more.

How to Increase Workplace Efficiency

Increasing workplace efficiency is not merely a question of doing more work in less time, it is also a question of focusing, so that you produce quality work with less effort. Varied factors can influence workplace efficiency. These include exterior factors such as the physical work environment, and interior factors such as job satisfaction and how well co-workers get along. Calm, efficient leadership and management stability can also increase workplace efficiency. There is no single correct method for improving efficiency, and a combination of strategies may be needed. Read more.

Production - improving efficiency

There are several ways to measure efficiency


This measures the relationship between inputs into the production process and the resultant outputs. The most commonly used measure is labour productivity, which is measured by output per worker. For example, assume a sofa manufacturer makes 100 sofas a month and employs 25 workers. The labour productivity is 4 sofas per person per month. Read more.

Are you already practicing some of these suggestions on the job? If so, tell us about how difficult or easy they were to implement, or if you have suggestions of your own, share them in the Comments!

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