Blogs vs. Newsletters

Are you using a blog or newsletter to reach your audience? In the next post I'll reprint an article outlining the benefits of a newsletter. As you can see, I chose to go the blog route for ACS, and so far I have no regrets.

There is no right or wrong to choosing a blog, a newsletter, or a combination of both. Either format can help you maintain communication with customers. If you dedicate yourself to offering products of value, and not just thinly veiled sales pitches, the blog or newsletter can strengthen your credibility in the eyes of your subscribers and visitors.

Blogs are great for two-way communication. You can use the Comments to agree or disagree with my positions or offer a completely alternative perspective. There is more room for a real exchange of ideas.

Blogs are easier on the attention span. The Internet is an overload of competing information, but a well-written blog post can cut through the noise with a concentrated thought, something a busy person can digest and move on.

From an operational standpoint, newsletters have too much potential to become a chore. Subscribers expect more substance per issue, and I would rather spend more time working for you than stress out about whether I have enough content for the next issue of a newsletter you may or may not read. I am more comfortable with the idea of owning my business more than I am with it owning me.

Nowadays a blog offers the same electronic delivery options as a newsletter. People used to prefer newsletters because they could deliver the content directly to a subscriber's inbox. FeedBurner lets you do the same with your blog and throws in RSS feeds for good measure. FeedBlitz is another option, but so far I have not found a compelling reason to pay for something Google does free of charge. We're all about financial independence here at AlphaComm Strategies.

So, what are you using to keep in touch with your audience?

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